Awaiting grant approval to purchase hotspot service to provide to the public. For this project I worked on the experience map to help plan out the workflow between customers and staff. I used a cross-functional flowchart to identify the process from the customer end to the backend. I conducted workshops and interviews with department staff to understand the unique process the device will have to travel from behind the scenes to the customer’s home.


Tools Used

  • Visio (Experience Map)


My Research, Planning, and Design Process Timeline

June 2022:

  • Sketched out the workflow first on paper then a whiteboard for workshops and interview sessions.
  • Met with circulation department, acquisitions department, branch staff, and administration to collect feedback on the workflow.
  • Finalized the mapping by building the workflow into a Visio cross-functional flowchart.
  • Presented workflow at monthly group meeting.


Interaction Flows and Mock-ups/Interface Design Examples


Interaction Flow (paper/sketch):






Interaction Flow (whiteboard):






Cross-Functional Experience Map (Visio):