I reworked a developer’s prototype platform to allow employees to scan the customer’s driver’s license for library card registration by incorporating improved user experience and usability in the product. The developer began working on the project prior to UX research, causing major usability issues in the application.

Tools Used

  • Word (Observation Study)
  • Photoshop (Mock-ups/Interface Designs)
  • Jira/Confluence (Technical Specs, Product Requirement Documentation)

My Research, Planning, and Design Process Timeline

December 2018:

  • Wrote up a research proposal for discovery work, UX review, product demonstration, and performance testing to address usability concerns in the prototype application.

January 2019:

  • Conducted a research/discovery session at 4 of the 16 branch locations through interviews and observation sessions with employees to get a better understanding of their daily work and task flows with customers.
  • Write action items based on research/discovery sessions for the developer to implement into application.
  • Hand-off to developer to revise application.

February 2019:

  • Observation Session #1: Conducted live testing and observation of application with employees and customers.
  • Wrote up and reported issues to developer.
  • Hand-off to developer.
  • Observation Session #2 with developer modifications: Conducted live testing and observation of application with employees and customers.

March – May 2019:

  • Developed a new interaction flow and mock-ups/interface designs to resolve continued usability issues with the application.
  • Wrote up technical specs and product requirements.
  • Hand-off to developer.

Interaction Flows and Mock-ups/Interface Design Examples

Interaction Flow:

Mock-ups/Interface Design: