Employee Form Processes


I designed a digital platform to handle employee change processes for new hires, separations, and changes. The current process was handled through paper forms and email. The new platform streamlines the process using Drupal.

Tools Used

  • Word (Interviews)
  • Visio (Experience Map)
  • Photoshop (Mock-ups/Interface Designs)
  • Jira/Confluence (Technical Specs, Product Requirement Documentation)

My Research, Planning, and Design Process Timeline

April 2019:

  • Research Sessions #1 and #2: Discovery sessions with employees involved in the processes – including human resources, circulation, facilities & operations, and branch location managers.

May 2019:

  • Research Session #3: One-on-One Interview session with human resource employee who manages employee change documentation and files. Purpose of the interview was to gather a better understand of the personnel action forms.

June 2019:

  • Research Session #4: Interview sessions with each department personnel who process the employee change forms. This included One-on-One Interview sessions with ten different departments within the organization.
  • Met again with human resource employee to ask additional questions regarding the personnel action form.
  • Documentation of all interview sessions within Jira/Confluence as well as analysis of data.

July-August 2019:

  • Sketched out map of processes. Developed experience map in Visio of each process interaction.
  • Identified new taxonomies for the Drupal platform.
  • Defined data structures to help guide development.
  • Made updates to existing interfaces collecting certain data electronically.
  • Mocked-up every step of each of the four processes available for an employee change (~100 documents).

Interaction Flows and Mock-ups/Interface Design Examples

Interview Session (Example):

Discovery Session of Tech Support Processes (Interview Questions)

Interaction Flow (sketch):

Experience Maps (Examples):

New Hire | PDF Version

Separating/Retiring | PDF Version

Mock-up (Example):

New Hire